Upcoming Events

JANUARY 21, 2018 – Parish Annual Meeting

Among other business, during the meeting, we will elect three new vestry
members to replace Melissa, Beth, and Arend who are retiring after serving up to 4 years on the vestry. When you see them, please, thank them for agreeing to stay on the vestry another year to ensure continuity during our transition in 2017.

With the above in mind, we ask that you add this meeting to your prayer list as you discern about whom you should nominate and whether God is calling you to serve in this ministry as we call a rector and complete renovations to our rectory.

JANUARY 28 – Outreach Committee meets in the Chapel after service.

FEBRUARY 11 is the Annual Dessert Auction! Funds raised from the dessert auction go to scholarships to send our kids to Episcopal Youth Camp! Many times we have been able to cover the full cost for our campers! Please consider donating your favorite dessert to the auction and bring your best bidding war face! 😊

FEBRUARY 24 – Bishop Hougland’s Leadership Day is for all clergy, vestry and those in “leadership” positions. Meet at St. Mark’s, Grand Rapids, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. Please sign up at edwm.org.