Confirmation service and BBQ on Aug. 17!

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is welcoming nine – yes, nine! people from our congregation who are coming forward to be confirmed in their faith, or reaffirm their faith, or be received into the Episcopal Church from another Christian tradition. They have attended Enquirer’s Classes with Father Pete and have made their decisions to join or rejoin the Episcopal Church prayerfully and powerfully.

So, on Saturday, August 17 at 11 a.m., we are hosting a Diocesan confirmation service, where Bishop Whayne will come lay hands on these “new” members and bless their faith journeys. And then, we celebrate in our traditional manner – with a barbeque!

Sign up! We need a head count!

We really need to know if you’re coming so the menfolk know how much to grill! There’s a sign-up sheet in the Narthex (lobby) of the church.

Can you bring anything?

You mean, besides yourselves? Well, the menfolk are grilling the pork chops, veggie burgers etc. And many of us have already taken the pans/recipes for the side dishes – cole slaw, mac n’ cheese, and cornbread. Of course, bring your own beer – or other beverage! And if you want to bring anything else, of course, it will be welcome!

Bonus: Diocesan House Open House!

Our former Rectory across the parking lot is now home to the offices of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan. After the confirmation service, the Diocese is inviting one and all to tour their offices as part of the celebrations.

Volunteer to hand out new shoes to kids!

In the Image needs volunteers to pass out shoes to students in need at 39 elementary schools in the Grand Rapids school district.

Dates needed:

  • Monday, August 12
  • Wednesday, August 14
  • Friday, August 16


10 a.m.-12 p.m., 2-4 p.m., and 6-8 .pm.

The In the Image S.H.O.E.S. program aims to inspire confidence, physical activity, and inclusion by providing a new pair of back-to-school athletic shoes for free to students in need. Holy Trinity supports this important work both through volunteers and a cash donation.

Like to help or know more?

Check out the link on the In the Image website (click the “Volunteer” tab to give your time) or talk to Nancy Walters.

Mass in the Grass on Sunday, Sept. 15!

a meadow in the pine trees

Our Sunday, September 15 Holy Eucharist service at 10 a.m. will be outside, in our beautiful natural area behind Diocesan House. We will worship in the grass near our labyrinth with music from the Beatles!

Bring a camping chair, kick off your shoes and join us in worshipping God in the great outdoors.

BTW: What Beatles song would Jesus sing?

Say you don’t need no diamond rings
And I’ll be satisfied
Tell me that you want the kind of things
That money just can’t buy
I don’t care too much for money
Money can’t buy me love

Can’t buy me love, everybody tells me so
Can’t buy me love, no, no, no, no …..

Volunteers needed on Sat., Aug. 10

We’re hosting a big event on Sat., Aug. 17 – so we need all hands on deck to do some cleaning and re-organizing on Sat. , Aug. 10. Senior Warden Debbie Murphy will direct the crew of volunteers as we:

  • Clean out the former nursery to make it usable again
  • Reconfigure Classroom 2 into a combined library and conference room. We need help putting 2 new bookcases together, removing one filing cabinet, moving the other (very heavy) filing cabinet, and shelving books.
  • Cleaning up our outside spaces
  • And more!

Join us starting at 9 a.m.!  Thanks in advance!

Meet the Chol family on June 9!

Here’s some news about the Chol family.

As you know, we collected more than $6,000 at Easter to bring Jacob Chol’s family here from Nairobi. Read Jacob’s story to learn more.

After we purchased the plane tickets we had money left over, which our Outreach Committee decided to use to help Jacob buy and set up things he’d need in his apartment:

  • Car seats
  • A crib
  • Bunk beds and mattresses
  • Kitchen items and more

The family safely arrived in Grand Rapids on May 18, although they were over 10 hours late! Tabitha and the children are now adjusting to the weather, time change, and culture here in Michigan.

The family will be visiting Holy Trinity for the service on Sunday, June 9, and Tabitha will be reading a portion of the Acts lesson in Dinka. Please join us in welcoming them!

Refresher for crucifers and acolytes June 9

Calling all crucifers and acolytes! Join Father Pete for 30 minutes of training in the sanctuary at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 9, following the service.

Immediately after that, you’re invited to a “thank you for serving” outing to Craig’s Cruisers!  (Hey, is this a good reason for you to sign up for the crucifer/acolyte crew?)

“Give a sheet.” Specifically, new twin-size ones.

minions sheets and comforter
Color and design are up to you!

Update, June 2: We collected 70 sets of twin sheets for Family Promise!


We’re having a “Give a Sheet” sheet drive for the emergency shelter at Family Promise. Bring new, packaged, twin sheet sets to church, and we’ll bless  them on Sunday, May 19 and then donate them to Family Promise for families in the Fulton Manor emergency shelter. These sheets go with the families when they leave the shelter for their new apartments.

Learn more about Family Promise

Cheryl Schuch

Join us at the 10 a.m. service on Sunday, May 5, to learn more about Family Promise and how we can serve the working homeless. Their Executive Director, Cheryl Schuch, will present information on the organization and their newest project. For more details, visit their website.