Meet the Chol family on June 9!

Here’s some news about the Chol family.

As you know, we collected more than $6,000 at Easter to bring Jacob Chol’s family here from Nairobi. Read Jacob’s story to learn more.

After we purchased the plane tickets we had money left over, which our Outreach Committee decided to use to help Jacob buy and set up things he’d need in his apartment:

  • Car seats
  • A crib
  • Bunk beds and mattresses
  • Kitchen items and more

The family safely arrived in Grand Rapids on May 18, although they were over 10 hours late! Tabitha and the children are now adjusting to the weather, time change, and culture here in Michigan.

The family will be visiting Holy Trinity for the service on Sunday, June 9, and Tabitha will be reading a portion of the Acts lesson in Dinka. Please join us in welcoming them!

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