Madison Gradnigo receives First Holy Communion

Wyoming, MI

Before receiving Holy Eucharist, we Christians are required to examine our lives, repent of our sins, and be in love and charity with all people. As the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement, the Episcopal Church believes that Jesus Christ commanded all Christians to observe Holy Eucharist.

Holy Eucharist is the sacrament designed to help us remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to do this continually until He returns.

During Sunday service on February 19, we were blessed to witness Madison Gradnigo receive her First Holy Communion (Holy Eucharist). The Rev. Canon Bill Spaid presented Madison with the Body of Christ, and Beth Smith presented her with the Blood of Christ. Madison was joined by her parents, Allen and Jennifer Gradnigo, and her uncle and aunt, Andy and Kelee White.

Bread baked by members of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and blessed by clergy serves as the outward and visible sign of the Body of Christ. Blessed wine serves as the outward and visible sign of the Blood of Christ.

As a community of believers, Episcopalians believe we receive forgiveness of our sins, a strengthening of our union with Jesus Christ and with one another, and a glimpse of what the banquet will be like in Heaven each time we receive Holy Eucharist. However, there is always room for more at God’s table, and WE INVITE YOU to join us at our earthly banquet table each Sunday morning.

See you at 10 am!

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